Sunday, July 1, 2012

di unru at Porispere 2012?

Dear blogheads, your help is needed! My band [di unru] is competing with two other bands to play at the Porispere Festival in August. The band that gets the most votes on the Facebook page of Radio Pori wins. If we make it, we´re gonna share the stage with Turbonegro, Marky Ramone and Sacred Reich!!!

So pretty please with sugar on top, do uncle JottEff a favor and vote for [di unru]!

In case you don´t speak Finnish, that´s no problem. You will see a box on the wall with the three band names (Six Minutes After, Rust N´ Rage and [di unru]). Just click on our band name to vote - easy as that. Your help is much appreciated!

Here´s the link:

Radio Pori

Make sure to check out:

[di unru]


Elena said...

Voted. Good luck!

Sabrina Kerner said...

Hallo monsieur!
Ich habe mal für Euch abgestimmt!
Ich würde mich freuen mal so etwas von Dir zu hören. Gehts Dir denn gut? Sehen wir uns bald mal wieder?
Lieben gruß
- Sabrina -